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I was an employee there and got to see inside first hand. First off PLEASE stop purchasing from this company, you will not see your product.

Dan Tiffin is like an addict. If you keep giving him money he will keep taking it. While i worked there he had money frozen from his credit card processing vendors, and he kept switching until finally the credit card processing vendor would say we need to close your account, because we cannot keep doing business with your company. He has had multiple banks and the same thing with them, checks bouncing, accounts overdrawn etc.

and Jodi is his hawk because he lures the customer in and is told get a credit card get them to send you a copy of the check etc. why a copy of the check because they take your routing and bank acct. # and do an ACH into their bank acct. Then you have Jessica who switches her name to Dawn etc.

Shes never in a meeting because they do not have meetings, she gives you a sweet voice but she is in on the scam. Jerri the GM is Dan's puppet he jumps at what ever Dan says knowing that it illegal and wrong. But to make Dan happy and not in your face you have risk your life pretty much. Then you have Dan's lovely wife who I think is scared of him as well but she comes in to open mail and collect her $1500.

weekly salary. Oh and by the way they have several properties that they rent, also rent trucks and trailers. Live in a lavish home, drive lavish vehicles. Reason product is not being product is because money comes in Dan spends and Vendors he needs to purchase product from to produce his product will not sell him anything because he owes them thousands of $, they will not sell to him unless he pays.

Then he has 5 Mexican women sewing and paying them cash because they are illegal, but the women stay because they cannot find jobs elsewhere and they can bring their children to work. If you think how he treats his customers is bad you should see how he treats his employees. When i joined Tiffin mats i had a FT job, but Dan painted a pretty picture to lure me into his company after a few weeks of seeing how customers were being scammed and i had then decided this was not going to work out.

So i hung in there for several months and finally decided to leave without having anything to fall back on, but at least i was away from that *** hole and stress free. I have seen reviews of customers stating that they are taking Tiffin to court, honestly i do not know what the outcome is but people please stop purchasing from them and avoid heart ache and pain.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

I didn't like: Awlful.

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Grand Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1190387

thank you! this seems so spot on.

Jody (male) is a major piece of *** and super sleazy.

I was totally sure the gals were switching their names when I'd call in daily too.

And last but not least, I never believed their "meetings" that they seemed to be in every time I called.

I canceled my orders with them and instead of waiting the 30 days for a refund that I knew would never come, I went ahead and got my credit card company after them. Yep, it's too bad as I've had good product from Tiffin but they are complete ***

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